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Optimizing SQL - [Explain plan Window]

The use of the SQL statement execution plan to optimize the SQL statement execution speed and resources spend on its execution. This is a visual representation of the SQL statement execution map with the transaction value display. Use Explain Plan Window to display SQL statement execution plan.

To create a new Explain Plan Window press the New button at the toolbar and select Explain Plan Window or use main menu File → New → Explain Plan Window.

Explain Plan Window work with SQL command EXPLAIN PLAN and DBMS_XPLAN. SQL command EXPLAIN PLAN work as default. For useing DBMS_XPLAN press button XPlan. at the XPlan mode is available an opportunity to choose report format that include documented and undocumented options for the DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY format like Typical, Basic, All, Serial, Advanced, Outline.

At the Explain Plan Window you can work with one or two sql expressions at the same time. Work with two sql expressions allows to compare two plans visually and by means of TMerge tool. How to use Explain Plan Window for two sql expressions:

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