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Alt SQL Developer for Oracle

Alt SQL Developer is an integrated development environment for Oracle database objects and provides convenient opportunities for creating, editing, testing, debugging, and optimizing SQL queries, stored procedures in PL/SQL, including packages, functions, triggers, user-defined datatypes, etc.

Alt SQL Developer focused on simplicity, accessibility and ease of development of database objects, which in turn gives the programmer an ability to increase productivity of the application development for Oracle platform.

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Main features:

  • Powerful PL/SQL Editor, Syntax Highlighting, Code Folding, Code Templates, using the technology of automatic encoding tooltips, Intelligent Recommendations, Macro Library and many other important features that makes programming easier and improves its quality;
  • Integrated Debugger;
  • SQL window allows you to enter any SQL statement and display all results in a table format with the ability to edit and export data in to different formats (SQL statements, CSV, XLS, etc.);
  • Object Browser;
  • Optimizing performance of SQL queries with a choice of the optimizing parameter;
  • Command Line;
  • Convenient visual editors of database objects with the possibility of obtaining SQL statements;
  • Multi-threaded IDE.
  • Direct mode (work without Oracle client).